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Shocron Benmuyal & Associates


There are no successful companies with failed stakeholders...

... our commitment is broader.

Corporate social responsibility

Societies thrive only on opportunities for individuals and businesses. Companies and their strategies will only be successful in the long term if their stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) are successful.

Press Room

Interviews, Articles, News, Columns and recommended publications of interest in the main general and specialized journalistic media of the countries where we operate.

Conferences & Events

Shocron Benmuyal & Associates develops events in different countries together with Business Chambers, prestigious Universities, and local Partners, and its professionals give conferences for entrepreneurs and institutions. See what we do, with whom and where.

To be Part

If you want to be part of Shocron Benmuyal & Associates, contact us and tell us who you are, what country you are from and what you have done so far, what are your concerns and your goals. In each area and function of SB&A Management we always add talents! 

Having a track record of services to companies based solely on results, having offices in several countries, a great diversity of sectors and industries, and solid Management Processes custom-designed by Shocron Benmuyal & Associates for each organization from more than a hundred of proven tools is not the only thing that identifies it.  

SB&A Management professionals have always provided their knowledge in congresses, conferences, articles and interviews, and continue to do so. Because we are convinced that an integrated and thriving society is the best guarantee of success for all. There are no successful companies when their entire environment fails. 

For this reason, at Shocron Benmuyal & Associates the same trajectory of years is shared with business chambers, universities and all kinds of disclosure in each country where it operates. And also together with the companies with which it works, it promotes CSR programs aimed at each micro society of each company and each stakeholder. Because the future of our environment in each place is what determines our future in that place. 

And even more, the key to our success is to be a group of people, who in different positions, countries and functions, we all collaborate, with each other whenever it is necessary, for the success of each action that we propose. Always incorporating new talents and always listening to a wise word, we have five decades of age gap at the extremes, because we understand that this diversity drives us. And because, with decades of experience, we will achieve the best with the next development we make and the next person to join.

Having solid Management Processes always based on results, offices in several countries, a great diversity of sectors and industries, and decades of experience, identify the profile of Shocron Benmuyal & Associates, but no less than the presence of our professionals at conferences, business chambers, universities and articles. And especially integrating the most experiencied people with new talents, always, and knowing that we will achieve the best in our next development and adding one more talent.