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Shocron Benmuyal & Associates


In the business world, nothing lasting is coincidence...

... but the effect of a solid work and concrete results.

& Agribusiness

Primary production of agriculture, bovine livestock, milk, wool, eggs, etc. Its commercialization and export

Banking, Fintech
& Insurance

Banks, Credit Cards, Retail Benefits, Insurance and developments for the financial system.


Electricity, Oil & Gas, Wind, Solar + its generation, distribution, commercialization and derivative services.

Technology &

IT, telephony, commercial, industrial and security automation and innovations for human life.


Food, Metal, Wood, Aluminum, Textile, Cosmetics, Chemicals, etc., and supporting industries.

& Services

Malls and chains of Supermarkets, Retail, etc., Services for families and companies.

Agrindustry &
Agro Services

Mills, Drums, Slaughterers, Machinery, Silos, Automation and services related to the field.


Hospitals, specialized medical centers, fund managers, implants, pharmacies and emergencies.

& Roads

Developers, Industrial and Silo Plants, Road Network, Industrial Parks and related services.

Logistics &

Logistics, transportation and distribution of food, beverages, fuels, grains and special cargo.

Leisure &

Hotels and Hospitality, Gastronomy, Sports and Mass Events, Water Parks, etc.


Recycling of plastics, food scrap for animal consumption and Energy efficient developments.

SB&A Management processes imply working together with each company for periods of no less than 18 months, and many companies have had a continuity of more than a decade in the real achievement, year after year, of concrete results. 

Therefore, the development in each industry is not due to casual or isolated events, but profound activities carried out with success by the professionals of Shocron Benmuyal & Associates in the different countries where it operates.

The access to each one of them through the corresponding button also allows to know more specifically detailed items within each activity, most of them with several cases, to identify since which year the first company is counted in that business, and view a summary. of concrete experiences successfully implemented , tailored to each one. 

This reality makes the Shocron Benmuyal & Associates teams one of the management supports with the most proven track record, the most flexible and the most versatile in the market, with the capacity to focus on the desired results by those who lead a company, and to contribute to achieve and improve them in an agile, harmonious and efficient way.