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Shocron Benmuyal & Associates


Only those who know their work and the level of their commitment...

... are willing to guarantee their result.

Economic Guarantee

All companies receive as economic proposal two options of their choice: fixed payments or mixed payments, which involve a minor fixed part and a variable part depending on the agreed results. 

Financial Guarantee

Obviously, all processes require initial development before generating results. Proposals can be generated with options that accompany the development, thus sharing part of the investment.

Continuity Guarantee

The teams are designed for each case in such a way that there is always more than one person assigned, guaranteeing continuous presence in each process, without being affected by licenses, personal situations or eventualities.

The combination of Guarantees that SB&A Management presents in each work proposal clearly marks what a company hires in a process: the objective is to specify the results that are agreed at the beginning. A process of this type does not accumulate hours, but generates achievements.

So much so that, since its inception, Shocron Benmuyal & Associates has never presented a proposal for consulting hours, that concept simply does not exist. Shocron Benmuyal & Associates does not generate hours, does not make recommendations and does not charge travel expenses: it joins the management teams of a company to contribute to generete the results, and these are achive.

Based on this, hiring companies can choose an option that assigns part of the investment to SB&A Management, and this optimizes both the financing of the proposal (because a part will be paid only with the effective results), as well as the investment and its return. (such part will be paid in proportion to reaching and exceeding the agreed goals). Clearly the commitment that is assumed is total.

On the other hand, the commitment is similar if an alternative with fixed payments is chosen, it is the results that are evaluated and determine the renewal at the end of the first period. This is why a significant number of companies have more than a decade of working together when the initial processes are generally only 18 months. Only real results determine continuity. 

Finally, one of the keys to success is how the tasks and the teams involved are designed. The people assigned, the varied resources, the work models, the predictability of the agreed tasks and the early, disruptive and effective treatment of the imponderables, are a constant that guarantees the permanent presence twelve months a year and for the periods that are appropriate mutually.

There is much more, it is only necessary to see the detail of each Guarantee.

The complete triple guarantee scheme, with all its details, variants and specifications, has been present from day one and has been consolidated to date, providing security to whoever hires, and is one of the bases of the firm’s prestige. This shows that the commitment to the result is real, and makes Shocron Benmuyal & Associates processes have the highest level of Guarantees in the market.